The Blue Balloon's Escape to the Moon

The birthday balloons all huddled around,
For their friend, Big Blue, was leaving the ground. 
Blue looked in the sky and up towards the moon, 
And then yelled out to all of the other balloons.
“My friends, it is time now to untie my string!
 I’m off to the moon, so give me my wings!
Just think of the wondrous things I will see
On my trip into space, oh what fun it will be!"
"Oh, don't be so sure," said a small green balloon.
"It gets lonely up there, as you'll find out quite soon."
No, I'll be fine," laughed Blue to his friend. 
“Adventure is all that I need in the end.
What, with all of the  rockets and comets and stars,
Planets like Mercury, Venus, and Mars!
“I bid you farewell! It’s time to explore!
Yelled Blue as he lept in the sky and then soared.
He flew over birds and rainbows and clouds
And reached outer space as he laughed right out loud.
Blue couldn’t believe all the things that he saw!
He spun in a circle and yelled out in awe,
“Oh just jook at all of the comets and stars!
Wow, there is Mercury, Venus, and Mars!”
But no one replied, not a soul heard him speak.
He drifted alone as days turned to weeks.
Blue continued to see the most marvelous sights,
Like asteroids and rockets and huge cosmic lights.
But with nobody there to share this with him,
The rockets seemed slow, the lights rather dim.
He thought of his home and the small green balloon,
Who had warned of this lonely escape to the moon.
Blue looked towards the moon, still miles away,
No longer amazed by its brilliant display.
As he slowly approached, he saw a strange scene.
There were clusters of colors, from bright red to green.
“Wait, could it be?” thought Blue as he neared.
He arrived at the moon amid thunderous cheers.
It was all of his friends! He got them to explore!
The balloons were there waiting with five hundred more.

Together they floated, amazed by the sights,
The rockets were soaring, the lights were now bright.