Luna and Sol

On the first day of earth, the sun climbed the sky,
He showered the planet with light from up high.

He marveled at mountains and deserts and streams,
And soared over oceans that shimmered and gleamed.

“It’s all so amazing!” the sun shouted out,
As he spun in a circle and looked all about.

But one thing was missing, the sun was alone.
No one had seen all the sights he had shone.

He searched in the sky and then looked on the ground,
But it seemed as if nobody else was around.

“Well it’s been a long day and I’ve traveled quite far,”
Said the sun, "so it's time now to sleep with the stars."

Just as he readied to set in the west,
He saw a large circle awake from her rest.

“Wait, who is that?!” the sun yelled in shock,
As he passed through the sea like the hand of a clock.

Today the sun saw some incredible sights,
But nothing so magical, glowing and bright.

His head couldn't sleep, he twirled and he spun,
"The circle’s so pretty and bright!" pined the sun.

He stayed up all night till at last it was dawn,
When he peaked past the sea and exclaimed with a yawn,

"Oh, there she is! Just as bright as before!
And even more magical, look at her soar!

She's gorgeous!" he yelled out a little too loud.
She shot him a grin and he hid in a cloud.

"Hello there! I'm Luna! And what is your name?"
Asked the moon to the sun, whose heart was aflame.

" name's Sol...I like your blue glow,"
Said the sun as he nervously looked down below.

Luna just giggled and yelled out, "watch this!"
Then sent him 10 stars in the shape of a kiss.

The sun turned bright red, as he watched them fly by,
When he turned back around, she was gone from the sky.

"Oh, where did she go?!" asked the sun with despair,
As his heartbroken tears showered rain through the air.

He slumped in a cloud, as it floated along,
And wondered aloud, "did I do something wrong?

Can I still win her back? I at least have to try!"
Then he painted a sunset that filled the whole sky.

"Oh wow!" yelled a voice, as the day turned to night.
Sol spun and saw Luna, her light shining bright.

"The sky is so beautiful!" Luna exclaimed.
The sun beamed with pride, as he flared and he flamed.

But Luna grew fainter, his light made her fade.
Sol leapt in the ocean to make sure she stayed.

The night sky returned and then with it the moon,
Who yelled to the sun, "we will meet again soon!

See, I sleep when it's light out and shine when it's dark,
But I'll spend all night waiting to see your first spark.

So find me tomorrow to put me to bed."
"I'll paint you a sunrise!" a joyful Sol said.

She sent him a kiss and with that he was gone.
And he dreamed of the moon till he rose the next dawn.