The Last Can Standing


The soup can stood waiting on top of the shelf
Feeling excited and proud of itself,
For inside of the can was a tasty new soup!
Brussels sprout, bean, and asparagus goop!
At last it was time now to open the store,
Kids and their parents all rushed through the door.
The can watched three children run up its long aisle,
Each one with a laugh and a six-inch wide smile.
“Oh boy, I just know they will pick me for sure!”
Yelled the can, as the children approached with a roar.

They stared at the soup can, “Eww, that’s gross!” they said.
Then picked one with chicken and gravy instead.
“Why did they say that? Oh, what did they see?”
The can asked, “Is something the matter with me?”
It looked to its left and then to its right,
And could not believe all the flavors in sight.
There were soups filled with sausage and others with clams,
Bacon and lobster and cheese covered lamb.
The kids swooped them up! They flew off the shelves!
They picked up one can, and then two, and then twelve!

But the Brussels sprout, bean, and asparagus goop,
Was not picked for no children wanted that soup.
Soon it was waiting there all by itself,
The last soup can standing on top of the shelf.
“Nobody wants me!  They all think I’m gross!”
Said the can, as a girl and her mom walked up close.
They picked up some food and then put it back down, 
The mother just sighed as she looked all around.
“Nothing is healthy at all in this store,”
The mom told the girl, as she walked towards the door.

“Mommy, oh Mommy, come look at this soup!
Three kinds of vegetables all in a goop!
Please, can we buy it and eat it tonight?” 
The girl asked her mom, who just smiled with delight.
“That sounds delicious! Of course we can, dear!”
Said the mom to the girl, who then grinned ear to ear.
The can was so happy it just nearly cried,
For somebody loved what it offered inside.
The girl brought it home and then opened its lid,
And the can knew it finally had found the right kid.