The Search for Santa

At St. Nicholas school, the kids in first grade
All showed off the popsicle reindeer they’d made.

"Bring them home to your Moms!" said the teacher, Miss Brees. 
"The reindeer can hang from your bright Christmas trees!

When you wake Christmas day, by your reindeer's red glow,
You'll find dozens of toys waiting there just below."

The children all cheered, except one little boy,
Who did not have a tree and would not find a toy. 

Brent lived with his mom in a small, little room
That could barely fit more than a bed and a broom. 

Still he brought it back home when the school day was done,
And his mother just smiled at this gift from her son. 

"Mommy, I know that we don't have a tree,
But I thought it could hang on the hook for the key."

His mom took the gift and she hung it up high,
Then held her sweet boy as she said with a sigh,

"I wish I could buy you a giant tree, Brent,
With ornaments draped from each branch till they bent.

And lights lit so bright that the whole room would shine,
But till then I’m glad that this reindeer is mine."

"Mommy, don't worry! I know you work hard!
I don’t need a dumb tree, we have tons in the yard!”

Brent’s mommy just smiled and she put Brent to bed.
And she gave him a hug and a kiss on his head.

When he woke the next day, there was snow on the ground.
Brent played with his friends till the bright sun went down.

Tomorrow was Christmas!  Just one night away!
Soon Santa would come here with toys on his sleigh.

“I’m getting a football!” yelled one of the boys,
“Well, I’ll get a drum set and twenty more toys!”

They went back and forth, each one topping the last,
Though Brent knew each Christmas his home had been passed.

But this year was different! He had to stop by!
His reindeer’s red nose was now hanging up high.

So Santa would see it shine out from his sleigh,
And then Brent would find dozens of toys Christmas day.

Oh, he just couldn’t wait!  He said bye to each friend,
Then ran through the snow to his home round the bend.

When he walked through the door, his mom gave him a hug,
She fed him and tucked him in bed nice and snug.

“Goodnight, my sweet boy.  Merry Christmas,” she said.
Brent stared at his reindeer, it’s nose bright and red.

“Mommy, I’m certain that Santa will come.
He’ll bring me a football, and scooter, and drum!

My friends said they’re each getting dozens of toys,
So he’ll stop by here too since I’ve been a nice boy.”

“Oh, Brent, I’m not sure, see we move every year,
And he just might not know where we live now, I fear.

But I love you and know you’re the world’s nicest child,
So we’ll make our own fun,” she told Brent and then smiled.

Brent turned and he frowned, then he closed his two eyes.
And he dreamed that his reindeer had learned how to fly.

But was this a dream?  For when he awoke,
His reindeer was standing beside him and spoke,

“We’re off to see Santa!  Just hop on my back.
There’s a gift for you waiting inside of his sack!”

Brent simply sat there with eyes opened wide,
He could not believe this as hard as he tried.

For where they had once hung a triangle face,
A huge talking reindeer had taken its place.

“Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s find his sleigh!”
The reindeer asked Brent, who at last said, “OK!”

They soared through the air and passed wondrous sights,
Like snowmen with top hats and trees decked in lights.

They flew over cities and oceans and hills.
They made their way north, Brent shaking with chills.

“Hang in there, Brent! See, it’s right over here!”
The reindeer yelled out as a party appeared.

And not just a party, a marvelous ball!
Elves by the thousands were flooding the hall.

They were singing and dancing to old Christmas songs,
And feasting on sandwiches 90-feet long!

At midnight, a bear walked on stage to a cheer.
Said, “I have an announcement, so please gather near!”

Brent stayed in the back, too afraid to walk in, 
Till the bear looked his way and then winked with a grin.

“Tonight, we have with us a most special guest!”
Yelled the bear from the stage in his bright Christmas vest.

“Brent and his reindeer have joined from afar!”
The elves looked around as if he were a star.

“Is that the same Brent who topped Santa’s nice list?”
Asked the elves as they searched with head turns and neck twists.

“And Santa will give him a gift from his sack,”
Continued the bear, “just as soon as he’s back!

So Brent, come on stage and get ready to pick,
Whatever you want you can get from St. Nick!” 

As he walked towards the stage, elves shouted requests,
“Oh, ask for a drum!” “No, a football is best!”

He remembered his friends and the gifts they would find,
But then thoughts of his mom began filling his mind.

They’d always spent Christmas together in town,
Singing up streets and then dancing back down.

They didn’t need presents to find Christmas joy,
And would laugh all day long without one single toy.

But Brent was now here and his mom was in bed,
She’d wake up alone and with feelings of dread.

He thought of his choice as he walked towards the bear,
But froze up as sleigh bells rang out through the air.

The elves began cheering, for into the hall,
Flew Santa who yelled, “Merry Christmas to all!” 

He hopped off his sleigh, and then looked up towards Brent,
Said, “I see you’ve arrived on the reindeer I sent!

For being so thoughtful and such a nice boy,
I wanted to give you your most favorite toy!”

Brent searched ‘round the room, every eye looked his way,
All waiting and wondering just what he would say.

“Well…I already have the best gift of them all,
A mommy who loves me, who’s there when I fall.

But see she’s all alone and I know when she wakes,
She’ll be scared that I’m gone and her tummy will ache.

This place is so great, but can you please take me back?
I’d rather have that than a toy from your sack.”

“Well, hop on my sleigh then!” Santa replied,
“Your reindeer can lead us, let’s go for a ride!”

As the bear and the snowman and elves said goodbye,
Brent sat next to Santa and got ready to fly.

The reindeer took off with Brent’s leading the way,
They raced through the cave and then up went the sleigh!

As Santa Claus guided the sleigh to Brent’s place,
Brent fell sound asleep with a smile on his face.

Through the window, he tucked him in bed for the night,
Then with one gentle wink, he flew right out of sight.

The sun finally rose, which meant Christmas had come!
Brent woke to the sound of his friend playing drums.

Another friend yelled from outside in the snow.
He got a new football and laughed with each throw.

“Was it all just a dream?” Brent thought to himself.
“Did I really meet Santa, a bear, and an elf?

And not just one elf, there were thousands inside
Who cheered when I took off on Santa’s sleigh ride.

Oh, it had to be real.  Wait, my reindeer will know!
But where is it now? Oh no, where did it go?!”

He looked by the window and under the bed,
Then stopped as he saw a bright nose colored red.

But the nose was attached to a triangle face
That hung from the hook where he first had it placed.

It no longer talked and it no longer flew.
It just stared ahead through its eyes stuck with glue.

Brent couldn’t believe that his trip was a dream, 
He turned towards his mom, who just smiled and beamed.

“Where did this come from?! Oh, look at this Brent!”
A tree stood with branches decked out till they bent.

And lights lit so bright that the whole room shined bright,
They looked on in awe at this marvelous sight.

By the stand was a note, which Brent picked up and read.
“We’ll see you next year, From SC,” the note said.

“Who is SC?” Brent’s mom asked confused.
“Oh, just a friend,” he laughed back amused.

They hung up the reindeer on top of the tree,
It’s nose shining bright so that Santa could see.

Then they spent the day laughing together in town,
Singing up streets and then dancing back down.