The Frequent Missteps of J.D. Buckles

The story revolves around the journey of J.D. Buckles, a struggling young writer who has spent the seven months since getting dumped by his ex clumsily searching for his true love and working unsuccessfully to complete his deceased father's unfinished crime novel. At the suggestion of his attractive longtime friend, Sue, J.D. temporarily shelves the novel and begins to write humorous poems based on his dating miscues and his altercations with Joe, his nemesis at the coffee shop at which he works part-time.

Despite the poems'...unconventional protagonist, J.D. soon finds that they are a hit at the coffee shop open mic and help land him a date with Dawn, the most talented and beautiful singer ever to perform there. As Sue becomes jealous of this blossoming relationship and begins dating Joe in response, J.D. must decide if he should continue to chase the mesmerizing, yet flakey Dawn or if he should fight for the woman who has been by his side all along. And he must do so while also attempting to trick a publisher into signing him as a client for his poems.

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